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A Gurgaon (Delhi) based company, Startup funding India is a platform to help all the start-ups and small business firms to grow their business.

No funds?

Not able to start your dream business?

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Share your ideas with us and we will invest in your project to make your dreams come true.

We are interested to provide support to the creative minds who have a start-up idea and want funding in their business in terms of IT, Digital and legal. Share your ideas with us and if your idea hits our mind, we will offer the investment as per the requirement of your target/idea/objective. We provide the fundings that land up your business idea into the real world and providing complete support to strengthen it during the initial stage. We provide complete support in terms of IT, marketing and legal formalities.


We offer you a complete IT support. From the creation of the website to its operation and management, Startup Funding India will take care of all the needs of your business. IT support includes domain, hosting, server, website, CRM, ERP, and customized software applications designing and development.

Digital Marketing

In today’s era, everything is going digital. So why not your business? We will promote your business online on all the platforms which will not only helps you to target more potential customers but will also turn your start-up business into a brand. From social media promotion to online campaigns, all the digital needs of your business will be taken care of by us.


The legal documentation for your business is now the responsibility of Startup Funding India. We provide complete support in all the legal formalities required for running a business including the formalities related to the Company formation, Registration, ITR, GST, Audit and more.

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Indian0 Digital Portfolio

Indian0 is a platform that allows its users to schedule lifetime events, ideas, memories and other valuable data in any format digitally which can be managed and accessed remotely. Founded in 2017, Indian0 brings various employment opportunities for many job profiles.

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My Vorld

MyVorld is an initiative to build a community of like-minded people, who would like to come together to live a joyful and contented like and support others in this initiative. We strive to connect generations to be a part of this journey and encourage the younger generation in supporting their seniors,to enable them to avail need-based services, companionship, and products,thereby creating a feeling of one big ‘joint family’.

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You Have an Idea — We get it funded with our services

Have you ever thought that the idea you have in your mind can change the world? How exciting! Come up with a rocking idea going on in your mind, because that idea may change your life. I still remember the moment when I and my business partner were brainstorming, and we knew we had hit on that perfect idea which can change our world. It was completely thrilling.

After a few years of working on my start-up, I can now say that coming up with the idea was the easy part. The real challenge lies in actually turning it into reality. But luckily for you, there are others who’ve gone down this path before. So, once you’ve settled on your idea, just share it with us and if we like the same, we will fund that idea with our services.


with SFI.

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